The purpose of the symposium is to provide a forum for members of the broader Messianic Jewish community to articulate their beliefs with an expectation that they will receive a respectful hearing, but without the expectation that agreement concerning these beliefs will be achieved. The Symposium is designed to provide an internal platform for leaders to better understand each another and the various positions held within the Messianic movement.

Those who will participate in the Borough Park Symposium affirm the following:

- We are Jews who believe in Yeshua and in God's covenant with Israel, and as members of the Jewish community, are committed to the welfare of our people.

- We feel compelled by the spirit of God to advance the good news of Yeshua among our people.

- We desire to preserve the unity and secure the future of the Messianic Jewish movement and our common mission through respectful dialogue, without acrimony even in the face of critical disagreements.

- We believe in the authority of Scripture and the deity of Yeshua, and that eternal life is the gift of God in Messiah Yeshua our Lord.

The Borough Park Symposium Steering Committee:

  • Darrell Bock
  • Akiva Cohen
  • Mitch Glaser
  • Seth Klayman
  • Russ Resnik
  • David Rosenberg
  • Barry Rubin
  • David Sedaca
  • Michael Wolf

For more information about the Borough Park Symposium, please contact info@boroughparksymposium.com